Good stuff I found on the Internet this week

This week has been good in terms of finding content online that’s inspiring and gives new knowledge. I’ve sent a link of an On Being podcast episode to my team at The Conversation about doing work that resonates with people. And I just found an article on Vox about a charity that admitted that its program wasn’t working, based on a research that they did on its effectiveness. I was just about to send again to my team, but thought that it might be good to share it to more people outside of my immediate circle.

I enjoy reading lists of things that people feel have been useful for them. So today’s blog post is a list of things that I found this week that has made my life better.

Yoga with Adriene, True Series: Day 16 – Self Love 

Adriene is my yoga teacher and millions of other people who do yoga at home by watching Youtube videos. I have just come to a realisation recently that I have been too hard on myself and need some self-loving, so I chose this video. There is a part where she guides us to mountain pose with our hands together at the heart and she invites us to think about one thing that you love about yourself. Such a simple act, but this one surprised me.

Krista Tippet’s On Being podcast, Seth Godin: Life, the Internet, and Everything 

This episode was recorded in 2012, a long long time ago. But it was released again in September this year. In 2012, 2e haven’t really realised the damage social media platforms like Facebook can do to our public life, in politics, in privacy issues, in mental health. But Seth Godin had an inkling. And he had a good way in thinking about how we should adapt to the changes that technology brings: to make meaningful work and truly taking the most advantage of the technological revolution to reach out to your ‘tribe’.

Article by Kelsey Piper on Vox, “A charity just admitted that its program wasn’t working. That’s a big deal.

I really like this article because it shows what it means to really pay attention to evidence from research in development programs.




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